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Pain & Injury Consultation

'Let's Get Things Straight Again'

At Richardson Chiropractic, an important focus is working with clients to reduce their pain and improve their day to day function.  The appointment includes initial assessment and treatment.  Follow up appointments include re-assessment and progression of treatment.  The number of treatments required varies, dependent on the nature of the problem, persistence of the problem and severity.  Throughout your treatments, you will be offered advice and education to keep yourself as healthy and pain free as possible.

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Posture Management, Advice & Adjustments

'Getting Things Straight Again'

In this day and age, posture has become one of the biggest causes of discomfort and pain.  It is common for most people to find themselves sitting at a desk or in a car for the majority of the day.  Richardson Chiropractic can advice on the best set up to limit the usual causes of discomfort.  If you are already suffering with postural problems, treatment is available in one of our tailored appointments.

Maintenance & Performance Review

'Keeping Things Straight'

Staying on top of your form is important whether you're a high level athlete or just enjoy getting out and about.  Stay in good shape or help iron out some of those pre-competition niggles with this specialised review, catering for whatever you need.

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